Special Offer: 2 Years Contract for the price of 1 Year

The Bitcoincloudservices is a company that offers Bitcoin mining services to clients, but in a more open way, avoiding hiding their identity. It is run by a parent company in London, UK, and it is specifically meant to help in delivering Bitcoin cloud services. The company commenced the Cloud minings services in March, 2014, and it just began providing the cloud services some weeks ago. An amazing factor about the company is the pricing per GHS of the hashrate of Bitcoin cloud mining, which are friendly.

The Bitcoing Cloud Service currently offers contracts of 1 years for the mining, with a hashrate that goes at 0.0014 BTC for every GHS. Also, there are no hidden fees for the pool fees, electricity or maintenance fee. You will receive daily payouts when you earn coins when you bought your hashrate, unlike the weekly payouts of the PBMining. With the payout price system, you will need to wait about 70 to 80 days to receive back your invested money. Despite it being located in the UK, it offers services to different customers around the world, including Europe and America.

The services allow you to set the payment address of BTC, before making an order. Also, you might not be able to edit the address from your created profile. In case of any issues or need to change the profile, you will be needed to contact the support team. This could be for the sake of securing your account, and ensuring that no one tampers with your preferences. However, it might be inconvenient if you want to make the changes personally.

The features of the user account also have some issues, especially the content related to the previous payments that you had made. The total payment information also are not available, since you will only be displayed with the last payment that you made. The overall earnings and bought hashrate reporting will also need to be adjusted as you will only get some basic information. You will also be required to enter all your contact information on the page. This is another issue that need to be fixed.

The services are also legit and transparent, and you will not be deducted any hidden fee. Every applied fee and payment will be described and understood well. You can always start investing with a small amount of money, for the sake of giving it a try. The company also announced that they will become official members of the Bitcoin Foundation.

User Friendliness?

• It’s easy to sign up, which is also free, and fast.
• The support is very reliable and fast to respond.
• The account is well secured, and the support must be contacted to change any possible detail.
• The investments go for as low as 0.0014 BTC for every GHS.
• There are quick phone numbers for the UK and US clients.
• There are various payment options, which are available to choose, according to one’s preference.

Website Functionality

• The dashboard is easy to understand, and you can navigate through easily.
• You will track down your transaction as you make your payments. There is a cart at the top right, which will let you know your total transactions made.
• The payments are made on a daily basis, which will be directed to the wallet address that you had signed up with.
• There is no much detailed transaction history. For instance, you might not be able to view the past payments.
• You will not be able to sell or trade your coins. So you only buy them, which might be inconvenient, especially if you need to make your tradings.


• You will be able to include your street address, for the sake of safe delivery.
• The company also allows you a money back guarantee of 7 days.
• You will clearly see the hardware screenshots, which assures you that it is a reputable company.
• The company also announces their updates and reports on public and official forums.
• It is a silver member of the Bitcoin Foundation.
• The company also provides their full contact information, including the telephone number, email address, and physical address.
• You can view their Facebook and Twitter accounts, which redirects from the main website.
• The clients have given their ratings, which totals to a 4.9 rating, out of a possible 5.0.


• The pricing is very cheap, going at lower BTC per GHS.
• There are no hidden fees, or any additional payments.


Name & Registered Office:

Phone: +44.1163262646

Company No. 08935510
Status: Active
Date of Incorporation 12/03/2014
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Company Type: Private Limited Company

Bitcoincloudservices Review
  • Support
  • Reliability
  • Costs



  • Very cheap
  • Daily payouts
  • For every budget
  • No hidden fees
  • Fast process of your order
  • Free, fast and easy signup
  • Friendly and fast support
  • 5 year contracts
  • Investments as low as 10 GHS
  • Pay with Bitcoin
  • Easy to understand and to operate


  • No information of mined blocks / coins
User Review
2 (3 votes)


  1. st22vE says:

    best company for any one looking for good price and top Reliability… without doubt I highly recommend it.

  2. steve says:

    started with this one and I am totally happy with it!

  3. Kike Scopes says:

    Rented 1000 Gh/s hashing power and mined coins without any issues. It’s the best available cloud hashing service for renting.

  4. dragonbwi says:

    BCS (BitcoinCloudServices) always pay everyday. I rent 1,7THs and so far is good.

  5. Baldum says:

    Woow verry nice tip! Just offered 1000 Gh/s for 1.5 BTC.

  6. Danny Stopeh says:

    After talking to a friend who knows more about bitcoin I bought 2000 ghs.. Runs really fine and I get daily payouts. Looking forward to it!!

  7. Krishna Pramod says:

    Bitcoincloudservices stopped paying from June 7

  8. christophe says:

    this society is just a scam. don’t spend your money in it.

  9. Uros Djokic says:

    Yes they stop sending btc since 7.6. and this is not temporary problem. If this is temporary problem I think their support will notify me or answer on my emails.
    This ponzi scheme has collapsed they will not send single btc to anyone. Don’t make them trick you to buy anything from these scammers! I just filled report to UK police about them.

    • Sindhu K says:

      Yes, I’ve invest for 70GH, they just pay 3 days then stop the payout without any notice until today. sigh….

  10. qf3l3k says:

    They do not reply to multiple emails. Looks like scam collapsed.
    If that would be temporary problem they would send some notification to Customers.
    So, looks like it is over for them and all Customers.

  11. ghanz says:

    Yeah another ponzi collapse, its strange that the review is positive about it. I understand thats its your own choice but reviews in the bitcoin world dont sat so much. Many times they are part of the fraud…….

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