Most know Bitcoin as digital cash or virtual currency, but its beauty lies in the fact that as a decentralized form of virtual currency, it allows for direct payment over the Internet by eliminating the middleman. Before a bitcoin can be purchased, a virtual ‘wallet’ needs to be installed onto a mobile device or personal computer. The wallet keeps track of Bitcoin balances and transactions. The user pays for bitcoins by cash, credit card or bank account and the coins are then transferred directly into a Bitcoin account. The user is then able to receive- and make payments.

Cloud mining with CEX.IO is a convenient and easy way to get Bitcoins. It is the leading Bitcoin crypto exchange, and Bitcoin cloud mining is an idea where groups are formed, with Bitcoin mining being done in the cloud. This means that mining problems such as Internet connectivity, delayed delivery, huge electricity consumption as well as maintenance is avoided. Interested? To become involved with cloud mining, purchase GHS, or Bitcoin cloud mining power, and your GHS will commence mining immediately for you, and with CEX.IO, you are able to sell GHS whenever you want or trade them for fiat money.

A Higher Lever of Anonymity with Bitcoins
Users enjoy a much higher level of anonymity with Bitcoin. Transactions are always safe because of cryptography used to prevent counterfeiting or theft. The only person who can make any change to a Bitcoin account is the person who holds the private key to that account. Cryptography is what makes Bitcoin possible and digital signatures can’t be forged, and the entire network knows the person sending out a transaction to the network. Anyone with malicious intent would first have to steal the private key of a Bitcoin address if they were going to steal the bitcoins. Only the person who controls the private key is able to have a say as to what happens to the bitcoins.

24/7 Support
With CEX.IO, you don’t have to set up- or maintain any hardware as it is handled in the data centre. Your GHS continues to mine in the cloud and accumulate income for you, even when you are selling them. When there are problems with the GHS, CEX.IO reimburses all losses within 24 hours. This is also thanks to the fact that users are provided with 24/7 support whenever they require professional assistance.

CEX.IO is based on a business scheme with mining hardware being installed and maintained in data-centres. Bitcoin mining is a process of generating new coins and authorising Bitcoin transactions. Mining can be used to get your first bitcoin or to grow your profit. CEX.IO offers a number of ways to mine Bitcoins such as through cloud mining or mining on GHash.IO mining pool. You are able to easily buy and sell mining power and get income from pure mining, or from trading GHS with other users.

The easiest way to buy Bitcoin is with CEX.IO because it is so easy and simple.

1) You register on CEX.IO and confirm your email address. You can then go ahead and deposit funds

2) Verify your identity – to do this go to the Profile tab and enter the data in the Verification tab. After verification, you are able to make your first deposit

3) Depositing of funds requires selecting the Finance tab at the top of the page. Scroll down to the Deposit button, using your credit car or bank transfer. With a credit card for instance, you select the Trade tab – buy or sell BTC – and enter the amount of bitcoins you want to purchase. Coins will be credited to you account.

The Best Mining Results
With CEX.IO trading and mining is simplified. CEX.IO is regularly frequented by successful GHS traders today, allowing them to trade on increase or decrease of GHashes. CEX.IO is created by experienced experts from the Bitcoin field and users can be guaranteed the best mining results.

CEX.IO can safely be called the most versatile cloud mining platform in the market; with CEX, you are not only allowed to mine Bitcoins but even trade the same, and this all happens within a single platform. It could not get any better.