Liberland – Bitcoin is the official currency

Liberland is the latest European country. A member of the “Party of Free Citizens” has approximately seven square kilometers of land located directly on the Danube River between Serbia and Croatia, proclaimed on 13 April to his own state and appointed himself as president. The new president Vit Jedlicka says that neither Serbia nor Croatia are interested in territorial disputes. He also had  informed the neighboring countries and the UN about the founding of Liberland and hopes for an early diplomatic recognition.

Also Bitcoin will be a part of the new state . Bitcoin is to become the official currency of Liberland . It would not be the first time that a digital currency is officially introduced as the currency . In Loneston ( Australia ) Bitcoin has been chosen as a preferred currency. The city Loneston wanted to create the largest Bitcoin economy with its approximately 74,000 inhabitants and serve as a pilot project for the digital currencies.

Whether the new Government can prevail, remains certainly to be seen. But even if Liberland should not make it, this “project” will certainly help, that a large part of the world‘s population will hear and understand the idea behind Bitcoin and the Blockchain a bit further.


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