The mineoncloud.com offers Bitcoin mining services to its clientele! They do offer the cloud mining services, but their expertise and focus is more on the mining hardware. They have an excellent range of Application Specific Integrated Circuit Chip (ASIC) mining products

1. ASIC MINER SHA-256 – It is an ASIC chip, designed exclusively for mining bitcoins, with a wide range of options available. To name a few are – KNC JUPITER 679 GH/S, ANT MINER S3 445-500GH/S, MINER DUAL BOARD X2 620GH/S, SP20 1.7TH/S, SP30 4.5TH/S and more can be located on their website.

2. ASIC MINER SCRYPT – Here the range of selection includes – ANT MINER L1120 MH/S, TERMINATOR A2 105 MH/S But if you will compare mineoncloud.com in the market, there are certain advantages and disadvantages as well. With respect to the advantages, this company is one of the best option for the mining hardware because of the wide range of products available at the competitive prices. But that is only in case of mining products.

There are certain disadvantages with respect to the Bitcoin cloud mining services as follows

1. Contract Time – It is very less- The Day Pass of 480Gh/s is with the speed of 480Gh/s plus 10% performance is for one day, which is surely very less. Here, the contract time can be extended for one week as well.

2. High Pricing – The pricing, with respect to the cloud mining services in the market, are comparatively on the higher side, which cannot be considered as the good bait in the long term.

3. Low Profit – If you compare, you have to shell out your precious money in advance and, in-spite of this, you will gain the low profit when you consider the cloud mining services. Hence, it can be derived that mineoncloud.com is the best in case of mining hardware. They have, up to the mark range of ASIC mining products, which can give you the value for money! You can take a look at the entire range of their mining products. But in case of cloud mining services, they are lacking behind the time, which should be upgraded as per the modern era!

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