ZEUSHASH.COM now offers Litecoin and Bitcoin cloud mining lifetime contracts. Having opened its doors roughly 2 months ago, ZEUSMINER also known as ZEUSHASH has made and now delivers one of the first Scrypt Asic miners to all clients all over the world. They have an impressive background in the mining industry and you can find their mining contracts on ZEUSHASH.COM which also come at great prices per MHS/GHS. Basically, a single or 1 GHS presently costs $0.459 (Bitcoin) while 1 MHS costs $10.99 (Litecoin). Since the minimum purchase you can make is just 1 GHS or 1 MHS, this comes across as a budget-friendly cloud mining platform especially for those working on a limited budget. Apart from Bitcoin and Litecoin, they also accept bank transfer payments. Currently they are also considering the possibility of adding more cryptocurrencies to their platform as payments in the future.
When buying GHS or MHS, all you have to do is create an account at ZEUSHASH.COM and then sign for their service. Essentially, once you sign into their site, the first thing you will encounter is the option of either purchasing GHS/MHS. Upon choosing the package that suits you and the specific amount of GHS or MHS that you want, you can then use your Litecoin/Bitcoin wallet or transfer funds/coins from your bank account to the address that ZEUSHASH.COM will assign to you. What makes them different is that unlike other cloud mining companies, they only require 3 confirmations to make sure that you transaction is successful once you have paid the coins. You can then start mining immediately with ZeusHash using their mining nodes which are strategically situated in America, Europe and Asia. It doesn’t matter what your location is because once your node is activated you can mine from anywhere in the world. And in case along the way you feel like buying more MHS or GHS, you can easily reinvest what you have earned so far through your current account balance or just fund your account directly via the given address or QR code.

Payouts at ZEUSHASH.COM are done daily at around 8 a.m to 9 a.m UTC+8 once they have deducted $0.0023 and $.0059 which is a daily maintenance fee for 1 GHS and 1 MHS respectively. These fees will be deducted from your current balance and will then be displayed under your balance record in your account dashboard. In instances where ZeusHash acquires more economical and efficient miners to reduce operational costs, they may subsequently lower maintenance fees that they normally charge.

With ZEUSHASH.COM, you are also a single click away from withdrawing the money in your account balance. Withdrawals can be made at any given time after which you just have to wait for several minutes or an hour until the money reaches your wallet. A network fee of 0.0001BTC is charged on all BTC (Bitcoin) withdrawals while for LTC (Litecoin) withdrawals a network fee stands at 0.001LTC. To make your account or withdrawals safe, they recommend that you set up the Google Authenticator, a feature that will make your transactions more secure saving you from unnecessary risks. The email authenticator on the other hand will be activated automatically and made secure as well. This means that you will have to confirm all your activities on ZeusHash personally on your e-mail account.
There is also a reliable referral system at ZEUSHASH.COM that you are encouraged to use. If you have less than 5 referrals, you will earn 6% of their first purchases, 8% from 5-30 referrals and 10% on first purchases made by more than 30 referrals. Once the referred users have completed their orders, the hashrate will then be calculated automatically and sent to your account. Under Trade History on your dashboard, you will see the type of referral and the free hashrate gained. The customer service support system at ZeusHash is also reliable and you can trust them to respond to your questions fast in a friendly manner and also solve any problems that you may encounter along the way.
The dashboard at ZEUSHASH.COM is simple to understand which is an advantage to you especially if you are just starting to trade in cryptocurrencies. Experienced cloud miners will also find this feature to be beneficial. The dashboard typically consists of the register Trade/Buy bar where you can easily buy MHS or GHS, view your current 24-hour mining Income and your buy/trade record as well. Whether a small or big miner, your dashboard will also display your current discounts which you will find to be quite an impressive feature. On the Register Account you will also see a graph showing your current BTC/LTC balance including the option to fund your account or withdraw money.
Under your balance record which is at the very bottom, you will be able to easily see your payouts and maintenance fee deductions as well. Under this register, you also have the option to activate the Google Authenticator and also click on the Hashboard to view your rank globally, locally and the referral ranks too. You can also see the top users of ZEUSHASH.COM and their statistics by just clicking on Champions. Several Hashbuffs such as extra hashrate, double payouts and no-maintenance fees can also be activated in the Hashboard register and further on in the Dashboard, you will reach the Hashcode register.

What is Hashcode?

This is basically a way to purchase GHS or MHS from vendors affiliated to ZEUSHASH.COM. This means that you can buy contracts from ZeusHash using other payment methods such as iDeal or PayPal. Upon buying a contract from ZEUSHASH.COM affiliate vendors you will receive an activation code which you can activate in the Hashcode register within seconds. Most importantly, we also have a Register News that allows you to be updated about everything concerning ZEUSHASH.COM complete with a forum that lets you share your thoughts and ideas with fellow cloud miners at ZEUSHASH.COM.

We specifically believe that ZEUSHASH.COM offers an excellent cloud mining service and is in the market to stay and provide you with the best mining experience ever. If you are truly keen on finding a reliable cloud mining company or provider, they won’t disappoint you.