Company Background 

As mentioned earlier, PBMining.com has quickly become one of the most popular bitcoin mining companies. It’s based in SK, Canada. In the last couple of years, it has successfully sold mining hardware for bitcoins on eBay. Though some information about the company is difficult to find, the official website and general information are still credible.

According to experts, customer should exercise caution when dealing with any bitcoin mining company. However, it’s worth mentioning that the bit coin mining rates of PBMining.com are very affordable. In addition to this, the company also offers excellent customer support. Most importantly, the company has paid its clients promptly on the basis of their investment in the company.

Value For Money

When it comes to value for money, PBMining.com will be a good choice. In terms of standard price per cloud mining GHS, this company offers the best rates. Due to this, you can enjoy maximum mining profitability. Even when you account for mining difficulty.

 The mining calculator also gives you an idea about the increase in mining difficulty level. Your purchases regarding the cloud mining GHS can work for 5 years. Due to this, you can enjoy a long term mining investment, which pays out on a weekly basis.

It’s worth mentioning that the company offers an exceptional affiliate program. Through this program, customers can easily up to 10% of their cloud mining GH/s with the referrals. Customers can also buy as little as 2 GH/s and 3 TH/s in a single order. This begins mining immediately.

Customer Support

Within a short period of time, PB Mining has built a strong reputation of professionally and promptly responding to customer support requests. The most effective way for mining clients to get a quick response is to contact the customer support executives via the Bitcoin forum or live chat rather than basic email.

Payout Processing

The bitcoin mining program offered by the company pays out customers every Sunday. Payments are made to an external address given by the mining customer or client. Till date, there haven’t been any reports about problems with payouts.

The company also offers a live dashboard. With this facility, users can easily track the payouts, cloud mining GH/s rate, referral statistics and other information in real time. Information on the dashboard is regularly and quickly updated by the company’s server.


It’s worth mentioning that the company doesn’t offer 2FA. Moreover, it doesn’t permit any special characters used to create secure passwords. However, since the mining program rewards from the company are automatically sent to an encrypted external address, there aren’t any mining client funds on the website to be lost or stolen.

In addition to this, the best part is that mining contracts are completely insured against any losses due to mining rigs malfunctioning. The company advises customers to use a difficult and unique password for the mining account.

Additional Information About the Company

The company claims to accept most risks related to bitcoin mining. It makes sure only few risks are passed down to customers. When the company’s mining hardware fails to produce any bitcoins, the customer is compensated, and payouts continue for the length of the contract. The bitcoins are paid from the company’s Mining Insurance Wallet. It’s funded for this sole purpose. This makes dealing with PB Mining the safest choice for customers and clients.


The mining rate available with the company is 0.14 BTC for 100 GHS. This is currently the most affordable mining rate for bitcoins. Thus, PB Mining will be your best choice when you’re looking for a company to maximize mining profitability. The buying and registration process with the company is also convenient and simple. Thus, mining gets easier for even beginners.

As mentioned earlier, all the customers are paid every Sunday. Though not much information is easily available about the company, PB Mining still has a strong two year record of selling mining hardware on eBay without experiencing any problems. Most importantly, the customer support offered by the company is exceptional.

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  1. i_Nike4 says:

    Anyone used this Service?

  2. Finn says:

    Trustful Service. Never had Problems. Totally recommend it!

    • Antonio says:

      Hi, i need to know why the last 2 payout was too much lower compared to others of last weeks, i laso have double hash rate from 22 november, and after 2 normal payout, the last 2 (most the last one, ridicolous) was too much lower…something happened?

      • Pau says:

        This is the reply to my email inquiry:

        pb mining is currently a failing business and a recovery is trying to be made. if you feel you have suffered a loss i am sincerely sorry, our losses are very large as well. there are thousands of customers affected by this. other options are also being looked at for sources of recovery.

        *This is an automated message. *

      • admin says:

        Seems that the difficulty changed.

  3. Dora says:

    Today i spent 300 dollars for platinium roulette system , i hope that i will earn my first $$ online

  4. mahdi says:

    Site earn bitcoin indtant always?

  5. mahdi says:

    Please in site under for earn bitcoin

  6. This review is made on 2014. This is 2016. Is it still works? Thanks.
    I checked it few minutes ago. The site is Under Reconstruction.

  7. Anna says:

    How to return the money from this site? I put a very large amount.

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